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It is my mission and vision to bring goodness into the world through the power of touch and through the process of guiding people through healing awareness of their own bodies.

Bodywork is reflection. Bodywork is making space. Bodywork is the invitation of information.


With 17 years of experience as a bodywork practitioner, I’ve had the time to collect many tools and methods for this work. I believe my strength is in the offering of integrated, highly individualized and intuitive care.

The above list of the modalities I have studied and love to share. They are all powerful and true. Let’s talk about what technique or combination of techniques is best for you at this time. 


Relaxation (General) Massage 

Gentle. Soothing. Full Body.

For those just needing some TLC and tension release.

Deep Tissue (Myofascial Release Informed)

Focused. Slow. 3D.

Deeper work that addresses more specific concerns and pain patterns. Never more pressure than one can breath through. Intended to meet the body where it’s at, then gently go deeper. The goal is to soften, stretch, and make space in previously congested and painful areas.


Aware. Gravity defying. Tidal.

A modality close to my heart. Side lying sweetness for any human in the childbearing year. This was the first modality I ever studied intensely. I am a retired doula, and a Mother, and I understand. 

Abdominal Massage (Arvigo and Chi Nei Tsang Informed)

Rooted. Nurturing. Calming.

The belly is an area that most massage practitioners skip over. The truth is that the abdomen is our powerhouse and our center. It’s the home of the enteric nervous system, our “second brain". In women it houses the organs that create life. It’s where we often feel stress, fear, excitement. 

I am trained and highly passionate about bringing awareness and nurturing back to this forgotten landscape of the human form. 

I am a certified in both Arvigo Abdominal techniques and in the Thai modality Chi Nei Tsang.

Intuitive Energy Work ( Reiki Informed ) 

Vibrational. Flowing. Connected.

I am officially trained and certified with a Master Level Reiki Certificate. Moreso though, I believe we all can harness healing energy with intention and compassion. Energy work, in my practice, is just simply hands-on listening and responding with energy awareness and flow.


Sound Therapy

Resonant. Deepening. Heart Opening.

I am happy to weave sound and vibration into a bodywork sessions. A few minutes of being bathed in the frequency of singing bowls or chimes can be a perfect addition to a bodywork session. The body relaxes, the mind follows . . .


Pricing for all modalities: 

60 minutes - $85

90 minutes - $110

120 minutes - $140


Private Sound Sessions in studio for 1-4 people: 1 hr -  $175   

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