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Thankyou for the ahhmazing years.
HOHM is no longer in business.
Updates soon.

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Healthy touch is a necessity.
It is medicine.


Bodies talk. There is a story underhand to be honored and unravelled. 

When I have a client on the table I think about connections. Toe to hip, hip to head, head to heart, heart to belly. What has this body been through and what is it holding on to? Where can I meet it in order to help to support its relaxation and deep rest?  

Homeostasis is when all systems are soothed, balanced, unkinked and flowing. When we can relax, all is truly well. It’s a trip and a journey to be embodied and I’d be honored to work with you along the way.

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In my practice, in private sessions as well as in group experiences, I use a collection of instruments such as singing bowls, drums, chimes and rattles. I also call on my voice, in the form of song, chanting and whistling.


The root of “Sound Healing” is the idea that frequencies, certain methods of auditory input, and immersion in intentional sonic spaces can have beneficial impact.



Sounds Like Hohm: 

3380 W Americana Terrace
Boise, ID 83706


Thanks for reaching out!

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